Welcome to the KB4MDD Repeater Page.

This web page will allow you to learn about and view the equipment used by the KB4MDD 444.525 repeater.  To learn more about amateur radio visit the ARRL website.


The repeater is located in Dadeville, Alabama, Tallapoosa County on an assigned frequency off 444.525 transmit, 449.525 input.  It is owned and operated by Danny Lloyd, KB4MDD.

The following equipment is in use:

bulletHamtronics 440 mhz transmitter and receiver
bulletHamtronics 220 mhz link receiver
bulletHarris C100D10R Continuous Duty Amplifier - 100 Watts
bulletLink Communications RLC-3 Controller
bulletLink DVR-1
bulletCAT WX-1000 weather receiver (Tallapoosa County alerts)
bulletLink RLC-ADM Link Controller
bulletIcom 2-meter band unit
bulletHall voter
bulletWacom Duplexer
bulletDecibel DB-420 antenna
bulletAndrew 7/8" feed line
bullet160 feet Rohn 25 tower

The repeater features a auto patch with emergency backup power.

Click on this link to get a list of repeater codes.

Local Amateur Club

The Lake Martin Amateur Radio Club serves the Tallapoosa County area.  The LMARC sponsors a weekly radio net held on the 145.33 and 444.525 repeaters each Thursday night at 7:30 PM local time. 

EMWIN (Emergency Managers Weather Information Network)

I am involved with the development of software for EMWIN.  If you are interested, check out Weather Message at http://www.wxmesg.com .



 Repeater Building


Repeater Rack Top View

Repeater Rack Bottom View


Weather Alert Decoder

Receiver / Transmitter

 Duplexer / Amplifier / Power Supply

Controller Rear View

Link Receiver Rear View


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